Mason-cheat for the game Dayz

Private cheat Dayz-Mason, a cheat for the game Dayz, developed by a professional team of coders. It has available loot in Russian, easy and fast to set up, which allows you to see all available loot, including on mod servers. Accurate and effective aimbot provides accurate results as the bullet moves through any obstacle to the target.


Enabled / enable aimbot
Aim key /
aim radius trigger button / aimbot target radius
Random spot / enable random dice selection for the aimbot
Auto switch / automatically switch to the next target within the aimbot target radius
Enabled / enabling the ESP
Show bounding box / displaying a square on the enemy
Show name | displaying the name
Show skeleton | displaying the player
's skeleton Show weapon | displaying the player's current weapon
Show distance | displaying the distance to the player
Show prediction marker | displaying the lead point ( up to 500 meters )
Show player inventory / bind to display the contents of the player's inventory
Show chernarus cities / bind to display all cities and settlements on the map of Chernarus
Show infected / display zombies
Show animals | display animals
Show vehicles | display equipment
Show loot / display loot
Show common items / display items on the ground
Show weapon items | display weapons on the ground
Show attachments | display everything for weapons (modules, stores, etc.)
Show food / display food and drinks
Show medicine / display medical items (blood bags, bandages, etc.)
Show clothing / display various equipment, backpacks and armor
Show corpses / display corpses
Show buildings | display various structures
Show wrecks | display helicopter crash sites, as well as car accidents
Show magnetic north | display magnetic north (as on a compass)
Loot distance / loot
display distance limit / player display distance limit
Enabled / enable other functionality
of Always day / enable permanent day
Remove grass / disable the display of grass, bushes
Aspect ratio | change the aspect ratio
Menu key / bind to display the Battlemode menu
key / bind to hide all visuals except players
Save cpu / slow down the cheat by reducing the CPU load
Show fov | display the aimbot's aiming radius
Show cross | display the crosshair

1000 rubles

If the commission of the payment system does not suit you, you can always purchase directly from

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300 rubles

2000 rubles

Supported OS Windows: 10 (2004, 2009, 20H2, 21H2, 21H2) Windows: 11

Supported processors: Intel and AMD

Current Status: Updated running